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PremierVueTM, PGT’s new premium window product line, combines style and high performance to meet the needs of today’s discerning homeowner. PremierVue has some of the highest ratings for energy, structural, air and water resistance in a vinyl impact product line for the single and multi-family residential markets.

With PremierVue, PGT offers the complete package to our customers – quality window products that protect homes against severe weather events and intruders, reduce energy costs, enhance beauty, and lower outdoor noise. In addition to providing long term energy and structural benefits, PremierVue products qualify homeowners for the government’s energy tax credits in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

2700 and 2800 Series

The 2700 Series incorporates a PVB interlayer and is ideal for custom homes and low-to-mid rise buildings.

The 2800 Series incorporates an SGP interlayer and achieves higher design pressures than most vinyl windows – and higher than many aluminum windows – making it ideal for mid-to-high rise buildings. Both are found in the replacement and new construction markets and in the most well-appointed homes, condominiums, hotels and other high rise applications.

Premiere Vue Product Features

PremierVue Product Benefits:

Hurricane Protection

PremierVue is the first line of defense to protect a home or building from flying debris and destructive hurricane force winds. The Series has been designed, engineered, tested and certified with the most stringent building codes in mind and has structural ratings not seen in other vinyl impact window systems.

Energy Efficiency

Through the use of best-in-class glass technologies and multi- chambered, reinforced frames, PremierVue is able to achieve high energy performance numbers, as rated by the NFRC, while qualifying homeowners for government energy tax credits.

Safety and Security

PremierVue contains features and materials such as heavy duty laminated safety glass and proprietary locking, tilting and pivoting mechanisms that offer more protection than standard windows.

Noise Reduction

PremierVue virtually eliminates unwanted sounds from outside through use of a multi-chambered vinyl frame that stops noise from passing through the window, eliminating outside noise by up to 50%.

Reduced Insurance Rates

PremierVue provides a homeowner constant protection that will greatly reduce property damage and insurance premiums, resulting in decreased policy cancellations.

Ultraviolet Ray Protection

PremierVue contains high performance, laminated impact glass that works to eliminate 99% of the sun’s damaging Ultraviolet Rays. Our glass helps to prolong the life of a home’s furnishings, carpet and artwork, while bringing light into the home and making it a safe, comfortable environment.

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