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Five Ways to Make Your Cell Phone’s Battery Last Longer

Today we are so dependent on cell phones that we probably wouldn’t know what to do if we had to do without. All too often that is the case during an emergency with accompanying power outages. Cell phones can be lifesavers during an emergency such as a hurricane, and it’s important to know that your family and friends are safe.

When the power is out you won’t be able to recharge your phone, meaning making the most of its battery life is critical. Learning a few tips to make your cell phone’s battery life last longer can even be useful in everyday situations, so check out these five ways to make your cell phone’s battery last longer.

  1. Power Pack – A phone power pack can be purchased at several stores or online. Stronger variations can recharge your phone up to six or seven times. Once the power comes back on you can plug it back in to use it again.
  2. Car Chargers – If your home loses power you can use a car charger (assuming the engine isn’t flood damaged). While these chargers may take a bit longer, you’ll still be able to make a call in an emergency situation.
  3. Laptops – If you own a laptop computer, keep it fully charged (plugged in). That way when the power goes out, you can plug your phone into it and use its battery using a USB port.
  4. Battery Drains – Turn off the “radios” on your phone, which are the biggest battery drainers and include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular receivers. Leaving it connected to the cell network will still allow you to send and receive calls and texts. You can also turn off push notifications which drain battery life and restart your phone which can close all open apps.
  5. Other Chargers – You may not be familiar with solar chargers or hand-crank chargers, but they can also recharge your cell phone in a pinch. Both options can be a bit costly, but they may prove worthwhile when really needed.

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